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Fan Creations

We want to hear from you! Send us photos of your custom Holiday Special action figures, dioramas, costumes, artwork, writings, etc. If we like it, we'll post it here!

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Custom Boba Fett Figrin D'an! Chewbacca's family custom figures

IG-88: The Dancing Robot (featuring some familiar faces!)

Filmmaker Anton Bogaty created an excellent and hilarious animated piece called "IG-88: The Dancing Robot". Not only did it win the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Best Animated Movie award for 2007, but it also features a number of cameo appearances by characters from The Star Wars Holiday Special! See the still shots below for a look at which characters appear in the film, and do yourself a favor and check out the film itself at the Atom Films site here.

Jeff Starbird?!
Jeff Starbird... or is that Jefferson Starship?

Snaggletooth, IG-88, and friend
Zutton (aka Snaggletooth) joins the dance!

Krelman & Imperial Guard
That's Krelman over there, and an Imperial
Guard watching Jefferson--er, Jeff Starbird!

The Great Zorbak!
And now we present... The Great Zorbak!

Custom Boba Fett and The Great Zorbak figures by Master Phruby

Holiday Special Boba Fett custom by Master Phruby The Great Zorbak by Master Phruby
Custom Boba Fett and
The Great Zorbak

These two custom figures are the work of Paul Hruby, aka Master Phruby. The Boba Fett figure is painted in Holiday Special colors, and features a removable helmet. The Great Zorbak figure was completed on the 27th anniversary of the Special, and she features articulated knees and simulated feather headdress and armbands.

Thanks to Alex Newborn for the initial info, and Paul Hruby for sending photos.

Custom Chewbacca Family Figures by Alex Newborn

Alex Newborn's custom Chewbacca family
Custom Chewie's Family

"[These are] three custom vintage Kenner action figures I did right after seeing a magazine article on kit-bashed prototypes of Chewbacca's family. Following the same methods employed by Kenner artists, Malla and Itchy were made from modifying actual Chewbacca production figures, and Lumpy was based off a Fisher-Price Adventure People little boy figure. (I didn't have a spare, so thanks go to Louis Inman for making a casting for me.) Although I made a handful of subtle alterations for my own aesthetic satisfaction, such as a drybrush approach to Itchy's facial fur, and the omission of a step involving slicing a bit of height off the bottom of Malla's feet, these are very close to what Kenner's sample pieces looked like."

Alex Newborn

Stir-Whip Remix

by Shawn Morrish

Shawn loves the Holiday Special, and he created his own techno remix of Gormaanda's cooking segment just to prove it! Listen carefully and see if you can recognize what song the track turns into.

Download "Stir-Whip Remix" in mp3 format here.

'A Very Wookiee Life Day'

'Twas the night before Life Day, when all through the tree

Not a Wookiee was joyful, not even Lumpy;

Malla had made a fine meal with great care,

In hopes that Chewbacca soon would be there;

Saun Dann brought gifts and good cheer for the morrow,

But this brief glint of happiness turned back to sorrow,

The Empire had set up a blockade of sorts,

In search of a ship that eluded their forts,

The Falcon had breached the restricted airspace,

But the Empire's searching could turn up no trace.

While Itchy found thrills in his pleasure machine,

Han and Chewbacca could nowhere be seen.

Back at Mos Eisley, Ackmena led song,

As Star Wars fans struggled to watch farther on.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

The Imperials left and Chewbacca drew near!

As Chewie stood proud in his fancy red dress,

Leia started to sing, a song sure to impress.

What with Kenner commercial, and Boba cartoon,

Another Life Day had ended, not a moment too soon!

-- submitted by Phillips, with collaboration by SKot