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Boba Fett 80s seri-cel

Sometime in the 80s, this Boba Fett cel replica was produced and sold through a magazine ad. Whether or not this was a licensed seri-cel or an unlicensed fan-produced item is unknown at this point. The cel is smaller but very similar to the later Lucasfilm-produced ones (see below) and was matted the same way. But the image appears to have been redrawn, silkscreened onto the cel sheet, and then overlaid on a white background. The art is also flipped left to right so that the image is backwards from the original cartoon.

We are very interested in finding out more about this piece. If you have any info whatsoever about it, please write to us through the Feedback section.

Boba Fett and Stormtroopers Imperial Gunship

In 1996, many years after the Holiday Special had been mostly forgotten, Lucasfilm offered limited edition (5000 copies each) 15" x 17" seri-cels of 2 scenes from the Nelvana-produced Holiday Special cartoon. Basically these were hand-silkscreened reproductions of orginal animation cels from the cartoon, double-matted and sealed in protective plastic. The seri-cel showing the stormtroopers on the gunship was basically the same as the original scene, but the Boba Fett seri-cel had an entirely different background showing dark clouds. The original background for this cel had a cityscape and a wall behind Fett, where he and Chewbacca were keeping out of sight of the troops.