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December 6, 2003

Happy Life Day!Star Wars Galaxies celebrates Life Day

According to the latest Star Wars Galaxies newsletter:

"In December the Events Team will be celebrating Wookiee Life Day by sporadically distributing goodies such as the ornamental Wookiee Life Day Robe."

For those who may not know, Star Wars Galaxies is an online massive multiplayer game, where you are able to create your own character and become immersed in the world of Star Wars, interacting with other characters both non-player and player-controlled. You can even visit a number of different planets. So far Kashyyyk is not one of the options, although Wookiees are one of the character races you can choose!

November 18th, 2003

FOX News airs footage of the Holiday Special

Just a few minutes before 8:00 Eastern time November 17th, the FOX News channel broadcast some footage from The Star Wars Holiday Special during the G Block portion of The FOX Report with Shepard Smith, mentioning that the show aired on CBS 25 years ago, one time only. This is likely the first time footage of the Special has been broadcast on commercial TV since its original air date!

Download this clip in DivX .avi format here. (6.9 MB)

You may need the codec to play this video.

November 17th, 2003

25 Years of The Star Wars Holiday Special

A Long Time Ago...This date marks the 25th anniversary of The Star Wars Holiday Special. We don't expect this to be a widely recognized event! However, this site has opened in time to celebrate that one-time-only airing 25 years ago, as well as the memories of all who saw it back then.

We expect all of you to sit back at 8:00 Eastern Time tonight (right after the Clone Wars), get out the Wookie-ookies, put on a copy of the Holiday Special, and watch it along with your friends or loved ones (hoping they will still be your friends or loved ones afterwards, of course!).

Happy Life Day everyone, and May The Force Be With You!

November 11, 2003

Farewell, Saun Dann!Art Carney dies at 85

We are saddened to learn that actor Art Carney (known to many as Ed Norton on The Honeymooners, but also to many Star Wars fans as Trader Saun Dann on The Star Wars Holiday Special) died Sunday at his home at the age of 85, and was buried today in a private ceremony in Chester, Connecticut. He had been ill for some time. This sad news comes on the brink of the 25-year anniversary of the Holiday Special, which he played a large part in. We would like to dedicate our thoughts to Art, who will be missed.

October 1, 2003

Grand Opening has opened to the public - the definitive site on The Star Wars Holiday Special, that much-maligned but undeniable missing piece of the Star Wars universe!