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TV Guide ad TV Guide ad 2

TV Guide advertisement artwork.

Kashyyyk (aka Yavin tinted green!)

The planet Kashyyyk, which was a matte painting of Yavin tinted green.

Ralph McQuarrie's Wookiee house

Ralph McQuarrie's original painting of a Wookiee treehouse.

Matte painting from Holiday Special Matte painting of the treehouse at night

The treehouse matte paintings used in the Holiday Special, day and night.

Drawing of Wookiee house interior Wookiee interior

The Wookiee house interior, by Ralph McQuarrie - drawing and final painting.

Interior with juggling on the hologram table

Another drawing of the Wookiee house interior.

Wookiee stove Wookiee cooking

Ralph McQuarrie concept art for Wookiee cooking apparatus.

Kitchen blueprints 1

Kitchen blueprints 2

Blueprints for the Wookiee kitchen as used in the show.

The environmental transporter Flying through space

Original unused concept art by Joe Johnston showing the Environmental Transporter, which would have taken Chewie and Lumpy to far-off places virtually.

Gliding through a canyon Arriving at the cantina

Chewie and Lumpy 'transport' to a canyon, and a cantina.

Chewie's videophone The hologram table

Joe Johnston's concept art for Chewbacca's videophone and hologram table.

Mind Evaporator headset - courtesy of Ross Plesset Mind Evaporator chair - courtesy of Ross Plesset

Drawing of the Mind Evaporator from Brian Bartholomew's art department.

Mini-transmitter sketch - courtesy of Ross Plesset

Brian Bartholomew's very rough sketch for the mini-transmitter,
drawn on the back of a production schedule.

Kashyyyk depths

Matte painting of the view down from the treehouse deck.


Concept artwork for the Dashade cantina creature.

Wookiee family More Wookiee family faces

Joe Johnston's drawings of a typical Wookiee family, oddly dated March 8, 1979.
Designs for a proposed sequel or series, perhaps?