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Behind the Scenes

Modifying R2-D2

Ted Baumgart's group was tasked with building many of the props. Here one of the group works on taking apart an R2-D2 that Lucasfilm sent over, which Ted will then reassemble after adding a new movement to the droid. To the left you can see the partially finished plywood Millennium Falcon cockpit.

Cockpit 1 Cockpit 2

Ted Baumgart takes the Falcon for a test flight.

Filming the Falcon

Filming the Millennium Falcon cockpit scenes, with stage manager Peter Barth in the foreground. Note Peter Mayhew's feet resting on milk crates below the camera!

Combing Lumpy Lumpy mask

Stan Winston combing Lumpy's mask on-set, and the mask in a reference photo.

Itchy mask 1 Itchy mask 2

Itchy's very frightening mask in two reference photos.

The Great Zorbak

The Holographic Gymnast, aka The Great Zorbak, relaxing on the bluescreen set.

Anthony Daniels as C-3PO

Anthony Daniels takes a breather.

Milling around

Art Carney, a Stormtrooper, and Michael Potter milling around between takes

Between takes

More between takes, Peter Barth again in the blue shirt.

Kelbo, Ellis Burman, and Lion Man

Kelbo and Lion Man, two of the creatures exclusive to the Holiday Special, along with creature designer Ellis Burman.

Carrie Fisher looking thrilled

Carrie Fisher, drinking Tab and looking thrilled to be on the set of the final Life Day Ceremony scene.

Filming Life Day

A photo from camera operator Wayne Orr, showing the filming of the Life Day Ceremony.