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Cartoon Backgrounds

These backgrounds were hand-painted by artists at Nelvana studios, and various animation cels would be placed over them and photographed as part of the animation process. One background painting could be used as the background for many different cels.

Most of these backgrounds have never been seen before on their own outside of the original cartoon. Click on the smaller pictures to see them enlarged.

Thanks to Pete Vilmur for most of the scans in this collection.

The Rebel base's commlink, where Leia loses contact with Luke and the droids.

Luke Skywalker's special two-seater Y-Wing.

The Millennium Falcon's hold, where Luke finds Chewie about to incinerate the talisman.

The Falcon's incinerator, where the talisman is destroyed.

The floating city that Chewbacca and Boba Fett head for.

The city's garbage chutes, where Boba Fett and Chewie gain entrance.

The drug store where the serum for the talisman virus is sold.

The streetside commlink vending booth, where Fett inserts his card and opens a channel to Darth Vader - which is subsequently intercepted by R2-D2.

Falcon viewscreen

The viewscreen that Artoo plugs into and intercepts Fett's conversation with Vader. The scene of Fett getting ready to blast off here was probably a placeholder for the real scene of Fett talking to Vader that would be added over the top of it later.

Outside the Falcon's escape hatch hallway, where our heroes watch Boba Fett blast off.

The Falcon's interior control consoles.

Chewie's co-pilot chair in the Falcon's cockpit. His headset will be hanging on the headrest of this chair in the cartoon.