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Magazines with Holiday Special photos/articles:

TV Guide - Nov. 11-17, 1978 (USA)
"Close Up: Science Fiction - Plus Music and Comedy"
Small article with photo, plus advertisement.

Ledger TV Weekly - Nov. 12 to Nov. 18, 1978 (USA)
"The Star Wars Holiday Special"
Cover story with photos.

Starlog #19 - February 1979 (USA)
"'Star Wars' Invades TV", by Natalie Millar
Article and photos: details about the recently aired TV special.

Star Wars Insider #23 - 1994 (USA)
"The Star Wars Holiday Special", by Jon Bradley Snyder
Small article and photos: looking back at the Holiday Special.

Overstreet's Fan #5 - October 1995 (USA)
(title unknown), by Joe Cesaro
Article exploring some of the history behind the making of the HS animated featurette.

Star Wars Insider #27 - 1995 (USA)
"A Star Wars CELibration", by Jon Bradley Snyder
Article mentioning the Holiday Special in regards to Ewoks/Droids animation, no HS photos.

Tomart's Action Figure Digest #27 - December/January 1996 (USA)
(title unknown)
Article and photos: details on Kenner's unproduced Wookiee figures for the Holiday Special.

SFX #43 - Oct. 1998 (UK)
(title unknown)
SWHS on cover, article mentioning the special.

Ultra Filmfax #69-70 - Oct. 1998/Jan. 1999 (USA)
"The Star Wars Holiday Special", by Ross Plesset
Black and white photos and very detailed article on the SWHS with interviews.

Flashback TV #0 - 2000 (France)
"Au temps de la guerre des étoiles (le téléfilm méconnu de l'univers Star Wars)"
Article: ?

SFX #67 - August 2000 (UK)
("Star Wars Revealed!"), by Ross Plesset
Photos and detailed article on the SWHS with interviews.

Tomart's Action Figure Digest #81 - November 2000 (USA)
(title unknown)
Photos and article on the unproduced Boba Fett Sea Serpent toy from the SWHS.

Bild & Bubbla #153 2-2001 - June 2001 (Sweden)
"Star Wars - rymdsaga med serierötter", by David Haglund, pg. 29, 30-39
Article: ?

ToyFare #53 - January 2002 (USA)
"The Nightmare Before Empire", by Rob Bricken
Article and photos: humorous review of fictitious (fan-made) Holiday Special figures.

Star Wars Magazin #24 - January 2002 (Germany)
"TV-Mission - Das Star Wars Holiday Special", by Marco Frömter
Article and photos: summary and details on the Holiday Special.

Stuff #50 - January 2004 (USA)
Article on The Star Wars Holiday Special?

Entertainment Weekly #795 - December 3, 2004 (USA)
"Buried Treasure", by Tim Carvell
Paragraph and photo featuring the Holiday Special as a "lost treasure" from 1978.

Star Wars Magazin #36 - January 2005 (Germany)
"Erinnerungen Durch Wookiee Augen", by Marco Frömter
Article and photos: interview with Patty Maloney (Lumpy), behind the scenes info.

Film Review Special #56 (Star Wars Special) - February 2005 (UK)
"The Lost Episode - Attack of the Holiday Special", by Grant Kempster
Article and photos: details of the Holiday Special and animated segment.

Stardust #6 - June 2005 (Sweden)
"Den stoppade Star Wars filmen", by Alf Sallander and Georg Madisson
Article and photos: details of the Holiday Special.

ToyFare #121 - September 2007 (USA)
Article and photos: Twisted ToyFare Theater Holiday Special.

Star Wars Insider #104 - October/November 2008 (USA)
"Nov 17, 1978 - Star Wars Holiday Special Premieres!", by Dan Wallace
Article and photos: 1978 retrospective with brief Holiday Special recap.

Star Wars Insider #106 - January 2009 (USA)
"I Have A Bad Feeling About This!", by Alex Newborn
Article and photos: 30-year annivarsary article detailing the show.

Star Wars Insider #117 - May/June 2010 (USA)
"Boba Fett: A Bounty Hunter's Journey", by Leland Y Chee
Article and photos: small blurb about Fett's debut in the Holiday Special.