Species: Droid

Alternate Names: See Threepio, Threepio, Goldenrod

Actor: Anthony Daniels

C-3PO is a protocol and translation droid who has found himself in quite a few unlikely adventures. His counterpart is R2-D2, a short and feisty astromech droid. Threepio is very dedicated to Princess Leia, and often assists her in her duties with the Rebel Alliance, which include communications with Chewbacca’s family while he and Han Solo are away visiting there.

Details: In The Star Wars Holiday Special, Threepio can be seen with Leia in some sort of control room. According to the script, this is at the Rebel headquarters.

Quote: “She says it may be a happy Life Day for you, but personally she’s seen happier ones.”

The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 C-3PO with Princess Leia
The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 Cartoon C-3PO with Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and R2-D2