Alternate Names: Commander Bob Hudsol

Actor: (voice) unknown

Description: A Corellian commander in the Rebel Alliance, he developed strong ties to the Bothan spynet. During the Battle of Yavin, he kept small groups of fighter craft separated from one another to allow several different attacks on the Death Star [Star Wars Encyclopedia].

General Ristt was a key officer in charge during the Rebels’ establishment of their asteroid ring base, after leaving Yavin IV. During that time, he harbored a mistrust of Han Solo due to Solo’s scoundrel background.

Details: According to the script, the character’s name is General Ristt. Later he was identified by various sources as Commander Bob Hudsol, the Rebel leader who could be seen in the war room of the Rebel base on Yavin, and later in the awards ceremony. Whether or not one or the other name was a pseudonym taken for security measures remains to be seen.

Quote: “Princess, we’re in mortal danger from our own forces!”

The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 Cartoon General Ristt