Alternate Names: none

Actor: Yuichi Sugiyama

Petite, perhaps Oriental, bald with a suggestion of feathers, and a tail which he uses as a whip, the “Ring-Master” heralds a parade of exotic performers — a gymnast, two jugglers, five tumblers — each costumed and made up in a comic-book-type color, giving each an unusually washed-out electronic glow. [script]

The Ring-Master is part of an ensemble of holographic performers that appear on Lumpy’s holographic table. The viewing can be changed to project them life-sized next to the table as well.

The Ring-Master originally had two lines in alien language introducing the holographic gymnast as “The Great Zorbak” and the holographic jugglers as “The Reeko Brothers” through a megaphone; but the lines were replaced with electronic music instead.

Quote: none

The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 Holographic Ring-Master