Species: Advozse

Alternate Names: Bom Vimdim, Don Rickles

Actor: unknown

The Advozse are a horned, nearly hairless humanoid species from the planet Riflor. [The Star Wars Chronicles]

This guy is an Advozse who hangs out in a side booth at Ackmena’s cantina, often sharing the company of the local Tin-Tin Dwarf. There is another Advozse as well who hangs out on the main floor.

This Advozse is a bit hard to spot in The Star Wars Holiday Special. He sits in a booth most of the time, across from the Tin-Tin Dwarf (the giant rat). This particular character wears clothing very similar to Bom Vimdim in A New Hope, with metal studs all over his vest jacket.

Quote: none

The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 Cantina Alien Kol Nurn
Photo courtesy of Scott Horne