Commander Bast

About this scene:

This scene was to come right after the scene where Han Solo encounters Jabba the Hutt in Docking Bay 94, and right before our heroes enter Docking Bay 94 for the first time. Here we see Darth Vader and Commander Bast talking together regarding the missing droids, Leia's resistance to her interrogation, and Governor Tarkin's "foolish plan". It is here we see also that Vader may not feel so confident in Tarkin's command, since he seems to go along with Bast's bold criticism of Tarkin.

Why it was cut:

Most likely this scene was cut for time considerations. It is not crucial to the story, and doesn't really add anything new to the plot. Cutting it shaved a minute or two from the finished film.

Where it shows up:

The novel and the comic book both include this short scene. Photos from it have appeared on Topps trading cards as well as in various other locations. This entire scene was actually included in the Star Wars Holiday Special, and can be seen there featuring overdubbed dialogue to fit the story from that TV feature. A couple of the shots here are actually taken from the Holiday Special.

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Vader and Bast walk down one of the endless Death Star corridors.  From The Star Wars Album.

Darth Vader and a stormtrooper commander stride down one of
the long Death Star corridors, followed by several aides.

Vader and Commander Bast walking the hallway. Still from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

We've started to search the spaceport
at Mos Eisley. It's just a matter of
time before we've found the droids.

Continuing down the corridor. Still from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Send in more men if you have to.

A still from the Lost Cut, which includes this scene. From the Star Wars Insider, issue #41.

It's her hope of that data being used
against us that is the pillar of her
resistance to the mind probe.

Vader and Bast talking.  From a Topps trading card. Another shot of Vader and Bast talking.  Image from Starlog magazine, courtesy of Greg Rossiter.

Until then we must waste our time with
Governor Tarkin's foolish plan to break

Behind The UnScenes

Another outtake - note Vader is missing his cape. Image courtesy of T-Bone Fender.

Between takes (notice Vader's absent cape)

Behind the scenes - shooting Vader and Bast walking down the corridor.  From The Star Wars Album.

A camera crew rolls as the scene is shot.