Luke and Biggs

About this scene:

This scene was to come right after Threepio spots the Jawa sandcrawler in the desert, and catches their attention, and right before Artoo gets zapped by the Jawas in the rock canyon..

Here, Luke's relationship with Biggs is established, and Biggs reveals his plan to join the Rebellion to Luke. We are given a better understanding of why the Empire is such a tyranny, and the threat of even Luke's uncle's farm being taken over for their benefit. We also see how Luke is struggling between his responsibility to his uncle and his need to go on to greater things.

For years this scene remained unseen, with only a few still photos and references in the comic book and novel showing that it ever actually existed. Despite people's claims that they had seen the footage in early prints of Star Wars, this scene was never shown to the public. The sound mix had never been completed, and the footage was not included in anything but rough editor's cuts (such as the legendary Lost Cut). In 1997 at the San Diego Comic Con, mega-collector and Lucasfilm employee Steve Sansweet gave fans an incredible treat by showing the Biggs footage publicly for the first time. See here for more info about that presentation. Later in 1998 with the inclusion of this footage on the Behind The Magic CD ROM, fans all over the world finally got to see what this scene looked like on film.

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Luke and Biggs are walking and drinking a malt brew. Fixer and the others can be heard working inside.

An alternate angle. A still from The Making Of Star Wars.

(Very animated)
... so I cut off my power, shut down
the afterburners and came in low on
Deak's trail.

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

I was so close I
thought I was going to fry my
instruments. As it was I busted up
the Skyhopper pretty bad. Uncle
Owen was pretty upset.

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

He grounded
me for the rest of the season. You
should have been there... it was

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

You ought to take it a little easy
Luke. You may be the hottest
bushpilot this side of Mos Eisley,
but those little Skyhoppers are

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

Keep it up, and one day,
whammo, you're going to be nothing
more than a dark spot on the down
side of a canyon wall.

Look who's talking. Now that
you've been around those giant
starships you're beginning to sound
like my uncle. You've gotten soft
in the city...

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

I've missed you kid.

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

Well, things haven't been the same
since you left, Biggs. It's been

An alternate shot of Luke and Biggs talking serious.

Biggs looks around then leans close to Luke.

Biggs talks to Luke in earnest. This shot is also well-known from the Star Wars Storybook.

Luke, I didn't come back just to
say goodbye...

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

I shouldn't tell
you this, but you're the only one
I can trust... and if I don't come
back, I want somebody to know.

Luke's eyes are wide with Biggs' seriousness and loyalty.

What are you talking about?

I made some friends at the Academy.
(he whispers)
... when our frigate goes to one
of the central systems, we're going
to jump ship and join the Alliance...

Luke, amazed and stunned, is almost speechless.

Join the Rebellion?! Are you
kidding! How?

Quiet down will ya! You got a
mouth bigger than a meteor crater!

I'm sorry. I'm quiet.
(he whispers)
Listen how quiet I am. You can
barely hear me...

Biggs shakes his head angrily and then continues.

My friend has a friend on Bestine
who might help us make contact.

You're crazy! You could wander
around forever trying to find them.

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

I know it's a long shot, but if
I don't find them I'll do what I
can on my own... It's what we
always talked about. Luke, I'm
not going to wait for the Empire to
draft me into service. The Rebellion
is spreading and I want to be on the
right side - the side I believe in.

And I'm stuck here...

I thought you were going to the
Academy next term. You'll get your
chance to get off this rock.

Not likely! I had to cancel my
application. There has been a lot
of unrest among the Sand People since
you left... they've even raided
the outskirts of Anchorhead.

Your uncle could hold off a whole
colony of Sand People with one blaster.

I know, but he's got enough vaporators
going to make the place pay off. He
needs me for just one more season.
I can't leave him now.

I feel for you, Luke, you're going
to have to learn what seems to be
important or what really is important.
What good is all your uncle's work if
it's taken over by the Empire?... You
know they're starting to nationalize
commerce in the central systems...
it won't be long before your uncle
is merely a tenant, slaving for the
greater glory of the Empire.

It couldn't happen here. You said
it yourself. The Empire won't bother
with this rock.

Things always change.

I wish I was going... Are you
going to be around long?

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

No, I'm leaving in the morning...

Then I guess I won't see you.

Maybe someday... I'll keep a

Luke and Biggs talk about old times. This picture is most well known from the Star Wars Storybook.

Well, I'll be at the Academy next
season... after that who knows. I
won't be drafted into the Imperial
Starfleet that's for sure... Take
care of yourself, you'll always be
the best friend I've got.

So long, Luke.

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.

Biggs turns away from his old friend and heads back towards the power station.

From the Star Wars Insider, issue #35.