The Lost Cut

About The Lost Cut:

This was the first edit of Star Wars, edited not by George Lucas but by John Jympson.

This version of Star Wars, according to an article in Star Wars Insider #41 by David West Reynolds, contains about 30-40% different footage from the final version. There are scenes that have never been seen elsewhere as well as alternate takes of scenes we know from the finished version.

To this day the Lost Cut has been seen by very few eyes. But recently, a large section of the footage from the Cantina was included in the Behind The Magic CD ROM along with the Biggs and Luke cut scenes. Also, a few short snippets from the Lost Cut were used in the Star Wars Holiday Special to introduce the "Life On Tatooine" segment of the program. Other than these small glimpses, the Lost Cut remains an intriguing but unseen artifact to most of us.

To download and watch the cantina sequence from the Lost Cut, click here.
You may need the latest codec.
(DivX AVI movie file, 59.4 MB, B&W, sound - courtesy ofGuruKenn & Garrett)

To download and watch some snippets of Mos Eisley footage from the Lost Cut, click here.
(AVI movie file, 2.4 MB, color and sound - courtesy of SKot)

To download and watch a clip of Ben Kenobi at the tractor beam as featured in the Lost Cut, click here.
(QuickTime movie file, 360 KB, color, no sound, from The Making of Star Wars)


"I told you kids to slow down!"

The sandcrawler, pre-special effects.

Vader and Bast discuss the princess.

Aunt Beru's blue milk dispenser.

Searching for Artoo in the desert.

Outside Ben's hut.

Luke opts not to install the restraining bolt.

Mos Eisley canyon, pre-special effects.

The busy streets of Mos Eisley.

"Flash Gordon" vs. the stilt-monster.

Han and "Jenny" witness the cantina battle, then go about their business.

The Princess is led away after seeing Alderaan destroyed.

Our heroes nonchalantly stroll past two officers.

Ben Kenobi finds the tractor beam.

Han congratulates Luke after they escape the Death Star.

A large number of rebel pilots await briefing.

Ships standing by in the rebel hangar.