Wampa Attack

About this scene:

Artoo-Detoo narrowly escapes as a Wampa Ice Monster crashes into the base, enraged by his electronic whistling. A group of Rebel soldiers only manage to stop the creature with a blast from a large bazooka weapon. Right after this, sensors pick up a new intruder (which happens to be an Imperial Probe Droid).

This is part of the Wampa sub-plot that was deleted from the film. Some of the Wampa footage was filmed, but most of it was scrapped due to problems with getting the Wampa to look right.

Some photos are from the LucasArts Behind The Magic CD ROM, others from various sources.



The drip, drip, drip of melting ice echoes throughout the long eerie corridor. A trooper walks by, followed at a short distance by Artoo, who rolls along whistling to himself.

Artoo heads down a corridor just before a Wampa breaks through behind. From Star Wars Insider #49.

Behind him, a Wampa Ice Monster suddenly appears from out of the wall and begins following the little droid. Up ahead Artoo sees several troopers begin to act rather strangely, pointing at him and yelling. This puzzles Artoo, and he stops for a moment to figure it out. Far in the distance, alarms begin to go off.

Artoo comes to a conclusion, spins his head around and sees the Ice Monster staring down at him. The droid lets out a screech and races down the hall at full tilt ahead of the advancing monster.

A small troop of soldiers has gathered at the end of the hallway with weapons. Artoo races through the armed gathering as the creature screams and charges the troopers, laser bolts exploding around him.

Hugh Fleming's rendering of the Wampa attack.  From the Star Wars Insider.

Artoo peeks from around a corner in time to see several troopers hurled against the walls like rag dolls.

Rebel soldier about to be tossed aside by a Wampa. Image courtesy of T-Bone Fender.

Two soldiers fire a laser bazooka at the monster and it is obscured by an enormous explosion.

Rebels blast away at the Wampa attacker. From the 'Behind The Magic' CD ROM.

The smoke clears. The silence is spooky. The Ice Monster stands seemingly dumbstruck.

The Wampa stands blasted by the rebel soldiers.

Artoo gives a short, worried beep. The creature topples over in a dead heap.

The Wampa finally topples over.  From Star Wars Insider #49.

A cheer goes up from Artoo and the troopers as they converge to inspect the fallen creature. A young CORPORAL pulls his com-link off his belt and speaks into it.

We got it, sir, but there may be more.


Alarms buzz softly in the background. The entire command center is on full alert. General Rieekan is conferring with the HEAD CONTROLLER as Han and Leia enter the room. Threepio and Chewie follow.

Have they analyzed the one that was killed?

Not yet. They're working on it now.

Another alarm goes off at a console behind them and the SENSOR CONTROLLER at that spot calls across the room.


Rieekan leaves the group as they continue ...

It won't be long before our sensors will be able to track them.

It figures Artoo would be in the middle of this.

It's going to be a little tricky around here until we know where they're coming from.

Behind the UnScenes

Behind the scenes - the Wampa has collapsed. Note the actor's arm sticking out. Image courtesy of T-Bone Fender.

Amidst the rubble of a smashed wall, the actor playing the Wampa peers out from behind his heavy costume.