Wampa Trap

About this scene:

A number of Wampas have now been captured and are now being kept in a confined area. Threepio and Artoo-Detoo are discussing how the creatures were captured by using electronic whistles like Artoo's. This leads into another deleted scene, which comes later.

Again, this is part of the Wampa storyline that was deleted.

Some photos are from the LucasArts Behind The Magic CD ROM, some from other sources.



Artoo and Threepio are moving by a steel door on which an X had been painted. From behind it come intermittent THUMPS and ROARS.

Threepio lectures Artoo about the Wampas trapped behind the door.  From Star Wars Insider #49.

... It seems the snow creatures are attracted to a high-pitched whistle. That's how they're being drawn to this trap.

Artoo WHISTLES his understanding as he stands before the door. Immediately the THUMPING on the door picks up. Artoo beeps a question.

See your whistles upset them. No, I told you they can't get out! Now will you hurry up? I don't know why I bother ...

Threepio explains to Artoo how the Wampas are being trapped. Image courtesy of T-Bone Fender.

Threepio moves around a corner. Artoo stares at the door another moment, then proceeds to tell the Ice Monsters off in a burst of beeps and whistles. The THUMPING picks up as Artoo moves casually away.