Barge Fight

About this scene:

On board Jabba the Hutt's barge, Threepio has found himself an unwilling translator/mediator between a drunken Ree-Yees and Saelt Marae (aka Yak-Face). Salacious Crumb joins in the fun as well. The altercation ends in fisticuffs, just before Threepio bumps into Artoo serving drinks.

This was just a little extra action taking place aboard Jabba's barge, but it was cut from the film as it was non-essential to the storyline.

Pictures from this scene show up all over in various places, including in the photo insert from the novel. Also, the scene is described in the novel, but it is Ephant Mon rather than Saelt Marae who gets in the fight there.


Threepio stands between Saelt-Marae and Ree-Yees, translating.  Image source unknown. Threepio, translating.  Image courtesy of T'bone Fender.

Threepio translates a heated argument.

Things get out of hand.  Note Threepio fallen over in the background.  Image from the Behind The Magic CD ROM. Saelt Marae and Ree-Yees arguing.  Image courtesy T'Bone Fender.

The argument gets violent; Threepio is knocked backwards.

The quarreling pair appear to have made up here.  Image from the Behind The Magic CD ROM.

Saelt Marae and Ree-Yees are the best of friends.

Ree-Yees hangs out with Bossk on the barge.

Behind The Unscenes

Phil Tippett makes an adjustment on the Ree-Yees mask.