Alternate Name(s): Saundan, Sondan

Actor: Art Carney

Description: Trader Saun Dann is one of 30 trading agents on Kazzook (sic) who maintains a neutral image but is actually a loyal friend to the Wookiees. He’s the kind, older pharmacist at the corner drug store, who supplies Chewbacca and his family with electronic gadgets and appliances in return for their crops and woodcarvings. Everything Trader Dann wears is suitable for a human of this galaxy and time and period, but it is a bit frayed around the edges. Suspicious stains adorn his chest and pants. He seems in a state of perpetual frazzle. [script]

Details: The actual spelling of Saun Dann’s name has been a source of confusion for quite some time, but the script reveals that his name is actually two words, spelled “Saun Dann”.

Quote: “Now then…what’s that I smell? Could it be some of those famous Wookiee Ookiees?”

The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 Saun Dann with Lumpy
The Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 Saun Dann